Sunday, July 5, 2009

hey ya'll (britney voice).

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Everything has a beginning.
And this was my beginning in documenting my hearts innermost desires.
There isn't much I could say about this website other than that it's me.

My flesh and blood for the world to see.

And I'm still winning.

"This week has been a bad massage, I need a happy ending
And a new beginning, and a new fitted
And some job opportunities that’s lucrative
This the real world, homie, school finished
They done stole your dreams, you dunno who did it
I treat the cash the way the government treats AIDS
I won’t be satisfied ’til all my ni**as get it, get it? "
(Kanye West - Gorgeous)


  1. what a great thing that started on a whim! congrats on what it has become

  2. i love the photo!
    you have a nice blog.
    hope you get a chance to check out mine.
    thank you.

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